Who can be a creator?

Sexize.com is a social platform that allows users to create a profile and to post their own free content as long as users follow our rules & guidelines.

Who can be a private creator?

An entertainer/creator who wishes to lock their content for a specific audience or to grow their membership/following or to entertain their audience with extras content. Sexize.com is accepting a limited number of private content creator applications. If you are more than fun, and attractive online, you should definitely sign up to be a private content creator.

How to be a private creator?

Sign up 1st to create your profile. Under “My Private Content”, you will see “Write” then, click on Sign up for Creator to create your membership. An admin will be in touch with you once your private creator profile approved to send your personal link.

Who can see your profile and content?

There are a public feed and a content feed available to users and the public. The creator can lock their private content as well. Bio and profile are accessible for those who have and/or know your profile link. All user can hide their profile content to the public as well by using Edit my Profile and then, select Privacy Account.

Do you need personal info to be a creator?

Yes, we want our creators to be real, out of spam and many of them require a specific and/or a mature audience, we will need a verified government issue ID. E.g. Passport (the 2 pages) or driver’s license (front & back) not edited or not resized.

When the private creator will be paid?

Payout will be released weekly or every increment minimum of $200


Private content creators earn a 88% commission on any paid features like subscriptions and tips. sexize.com uses the remaining 12% to improve the overall experience, for any IT needs & services and payment processing & fees. Those stats might change depending on processing payment fees and IT needs & services.

VIP Private content creators earn an 80% commission on any paid features like subscriptions. $10 is charged monthly for the extra storage and heavy files.


Once subscribed to a membership or a creator, you will have access to their content and private content on their profile. To see all newsfeed from your creators and friends in All Newsfeed, you must add them as a friend. Their feed will be displayed automatically in your All Newsfeed once friendship confirmed.


For any issue, please send details/info down below

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