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A domination story

Elena is our girl in this story. She is cold, slim fit, and has a very addictive sexual appetite where guys worship her. She likes to make man at her feet and lick slowly every toe washed or not. Dating is boring for her and she was never how she can tell properly the guys her hobby.

 She flips right to Bryan, blond hair, blue eyes perfect to match with her blue eyes, dark hair and 34 DD enhanced breast size. She likes to show her cleavage everywhere, even at her grandparent’s house and even at holidays church. She is a sex addict, fuck everything and every guy around her but she never been able to fulfill her sex salvation with a boyfriend she likes in case he will run away. On day 1 of her meeting with Bryan, he was sexy like his pictures. 6’2, 210lbs, define, and muscly. She already knew she will fuck and suck him hard, her pussy was already wet and wide open to jump on his cock at the restaurant.
“Hi,” says both of them. 2 kisses on the cheeks. Bryan smiled big when he saw Elena, she is so gorgeous, he knew he will dip in her, she looks so tasty. “Let’s order some drink before I drink you,” says Elena. “Oups, I said it out loud. Sorry, you’re really hot”
“All good, I’m ready to go if you wanna get a taste of my drinks and maybe get our drinks to go.” Reply Bryan.
“Deal,” says Elena. “Let’s go to my place. It’s near this place”
They walk only 5 minutes from the bar, Elena walks with her hips making sure Bryan sees her perfect heart-shaped ass ready to be grab. So he does, he moves slowly his hands on her tight ass. “Sorry, I couldn’t get my hands off”
Elena looks at him, with a smile. “Keep it going, I really love it and want more.”
She opens her door, both of them french kisses deeply. Bryan undressed Elena, strip off her tight slutty dress who shows her big breast in her cleavage and Bryan was hard. “I have a big 8” for you honey”
“Oh ya, I want it everywhere. In my pussy, in my ass, and in my mouth. I want you to fuck me as your best fuck ever”
“Deal.” Say, Bryan. “It will be easy to pretend as I’m sure, you will be the best fuck ever. I want you to jump on my big cock and ride it as you never ride a guy before.”
“Deal.” Say, Elena. “To do so, I want you to worship my perfect body and my cute pussy. On your knees” she orders Bryan.
“Oh, girl talks.”
Bryan seems to very like it, so Elena already feels comfortable with him. “We can do lots of kinky things, I want to be your master.”
“I have no problem with that, I’m the boss everywhere maybe you can teach me to be a good slave.”
Elena shows her biggest smile. “You’re perfect for me”
She couldn’t stop grinning and open her locked closet “Here are my master tools” As she opens the door, Bryan can see lots of whip, strap on with many cock toys sizes. He knew his ass will be wide open in a few minutes for hours. He really anticipating to joy to have his ass stretch.
To be continued…


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