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    1 year ago · updated 12 months ago

    There is always that one summer that changes you. ~

    Lets reminice together 🤔

    What is a memory/moment from your past life that changed you for the better?

    I’ve always loved being part of a team, juggling sports got me through so many things in life. I have to say its ine of the things I miss most about the pre C19 world ☺️

    What’s your favorite sport to play? What about to watch..

    Excited to check Dm’s tomorrow, thank you for helping me through my iso. It’s been truly tough at times but you’ve made it SO much better by connecting with me here.. grateful to be a part of eachothers silver lining 🌼

    and at times impure thoughts..

    Sending warm cuddles and sexual kisses xxx

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    • Karaoke used to be a big thing for me the social aspect, plus belting out a favorite song sometimes really helped to purge some energy.

    • As for sports, playee soccer a lot, but also got into mountain biking, something about being on a trail in the river valley, or in the mountains was very peaceful. Thanks for allowing me to have you in my impure thoughts 😈😘

    • OMG, I love this photo!
      Glad I found dance cardio last Feb. The people are great, and it helps me keep going.

      Honestly it’s the painful moments in life that have changed me for the better. Lessions learned the hard way stay with you and motivate you.

    • Running a FULL marathon! Painful as it was, it gave me a sense of self satisfaction in completing it. Something off my bucket list😁

    • There is one moment that changed me: profoundly, positively, unexpectedly. October 26, 2020.😘 My sport was baseball then slow pitch, but now it’s exploring nature in areas I thought I’d never see.

    • Was an active athlete growing up competing in team sports like hockey, basketball and football. As an adult competed in individual sports like ski and motorcycle racing. I have learned a lot about myself through sport that I take into all aspects my life. Became very interested in sport psychology later in life and saw a lot parallels between sports and business strategies.


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